About European Pathfinders

The European Pathfinders platform lets the organisations involved in Senior Plus to signpost the learning opportunities offered within adult education that can be combined with local or international voluntary work. The platform is gathering information about local organisations and projects that are willing to receive a senior for a voluntary work period without any geographic limitation. Potential volunteers will be able to create their own profile for potential voluntary work with a granted access to the E-Portfolio system prepared by Senior Plus. The platform system will be able to combine requests, offers, and training/preparation available for seniors by cross-referencing the information, suggesting the organisations available for preparation or the ones available for welcoming voluntary work, that better responds to the needs of the volunteer. This dimension could be modified by the user, widening the research if the results are unsatisfying, just by asking the platform to present further possibilities. With the contribution of all the partnership it has been possible to make it accessible through a multilingual interface.